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Seasoned Almond Firewood in stock ready for delivery. 

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We specialize in Quality Hardwood's.

Our Hardwoods burn hot, clean and long.

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 DB'S Firewood, we are a local Family owned Firewood business serving the Eastern Sierra for over 15 years.  Located in Crowley Lake, CA. we specialize in quality Hardwood Firewood. We deliver to Mammoth Lakes, Bishop, June Lake, Benton, Lee Vining, Mono City, Swall Meadows, Paradise, Chalfant, Big Pine and Bridgport. We offer FREE delivery in Crowley Lake, Sunny Slopes, McGee Creek, and Long Valley. The majority of firewood we stock is Almond.  We also carry other great hardwood species like Olive, Walnut, Orange and more when available.  Almond burns hot, clean and long!  The rule of thumb is you can cut your pine firewood usage in half.  That means if you normally burn 4 cords of pine, you'll only need 2 cords of Almond for heating your home.  You'll get long relaxing burn times, half the hassle of fire tending, half the storage and half the chimney sweeping.  We would like to earn your business!  Give Woodchucks a try for quality hardwood Firewood on your next purchase.  Tommy Czeschin (Owner) 

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